The Christian HolyLand Foundation, Inc. (CHLF) is an independent organization formed in the early 1980s for the purpose of sharing the Gospel message in Israel and surrounding lands. For more than 20 years that mission was carried out through our affiliation with George Awwad, a Christian Arab minister living in East Jerusalem. Following George's unexpected death in 2003 CHLF looked for two years for someONE to continue the work. When God brought us together with an already existing team of couples in the Galilee, it was clear that it was time for a period of significant growth in the ministry.

The board of directors oversees policies and budgets of the organization, and each member is also invested financially as a donor and fundraiser. The men and women on the board traditionally are leaders within Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. They are elected at the annual meeting that generally coincides with the National Missionary Convention, another independent organization of like-minded Christians working to reach the world for the Christ.

Financial support for CHLF ministry initiatives comes primarily from individuals and churches traditionally associated with the non-denominational Restoration Movement that began in the United States around 1800. That support is voluntary and is determined by each person and church individually.

The Christian HolyLand Foundation, Inc. (CHLF) operates in the United States as a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Documentation is available.

CHLF's ministry in Israel is through a partnership with a legally recognized Amuta (nonprofit organization) with oversight by a local board.