CHLF 2018 Mother's Day Celebration the 18th annual event of worship, teaching & fellowship

On March 17, 2018 the 18h annual Mother's Day Celebration will be taking place in Eilabun, northwest of the Sea of Galilee. Last year over 900 women gathered to worship Jesus, pray to the father, and fellowship with other Believers (as well as neighbors from other backgrounds who want to know more about these Christians).

Women from more than a two dozen different churches have been coming to this event for years. It is patterned in the tradition of an elaborate Middle Eastern wedding, reminding all of where Christ chose to perform his first miracle and the freedom he brought to everyone. This message is particularly important in a culture where women are too often under-valued and over-controlled. Even in today's modern culture this is still an issue in typical Arab communities and this is a wonderful opportunity to teach about the honor and respect we are all called to have for our mothers, wives, and all women.

Each attending woman is asked to pay nearly $30 about half the cost of putting on the event. The rest is covered by friends and church families in the US that want to give this gift of uplifting the role of the women in a God-honoring and family strengthening way.

Would you help us with the cost that these ladies cannot afford to pay? Each gift of $30 will make it possible for the CHLF Team to welcome another mother or sister to this wonderful day of fellowship and celebration in the name of the Christ. How many women will you help to participate in the 2018 Mother's Day Celebration? 1=$30 10=$300 100=$3000?

To help, click here, and select "Women's Ministries" as the designation for your gift.

For a quick look at last year's remarkable event, click here:

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Galilee Team and the families of Israel.

P.S. Mother's Day in Israel is observed on the first day of spring each year.